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After some demand and thinking it over, Mailbag Monday has almost returned. It’s the Mailbag Monday that you know and love, but with a few changes. Here’s how things will work from now on.

1. Obviously I can’t post everything I’m sent. So each week when Mailbag Monday is posted, a similar post on the forum will go up with next weeks tracks that you’ll be able to vote on. The top 5 tracks/mixes with the most votes will be in the next Mailbag Monday. This will also allow your music to be critiqued by more people then just me.

2. I’d really prefer if everyone sent their tracks to me via SoundCloud from now on. Downloading each of tracks, organizing, renaming, then re-uploading them is just getting to be a pain and it would save me a lot of time if I could just embed the SoundCloud player. When sending tracks, be sure to say that it’s for Mailbag Monday. Also, I may not give you feedback on your track, but I DO listen to everything that gets sent to me.

Send me your track

Go see the topic in the forum for all the tracks and vote for your favorites.

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