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If you didn’t happen to catch the background on this track, let me fill you in. For about 2 years now Etienne De Crécy has been touring and doing a live show called Beats ‘N’ Cubes. He actually preforms in a giant cube (epic!) which you can see in many videos on youtube. And as a part of this show he plays a lot of his original tracks plus two other unfinished tracks called Welcome and Hope. So after 2 long years of modifiying here and there he’s finally decided to polish up Welcome and give it a proper release. Now we find ourselves here along with this great track and a remix by The Bloody Beetroots. It’s technically more of a remix (at least that’s what Etienne De Crécy called it), but it’s listed as featuring so that’s the way I’ll leave it.

Etienne De Crécy Feat. The Bloody Beetroots – Welcome (256 vbr kbps)

1. Welcome (Studio Version)
2. Welcome (feat. The Bloody Beetroots)
3. Welcome (Pablo Decoder Remix)
4. Welcome (Global Warning Remix)
5. Welcome (Live Version)

You can pick up the EP now on Beatport.

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