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You guys should know the drill by now. Send me your tracks via SoundCloud and please be sure to leave a note that you want it in Mailbag Monday (or else it won’t get in!). Also, don’t send private tracks or else I won’t be able to embed them so you can see all the download/play stats ;)

Send me your track

Next week’s tracks are once again up on the forum so head on over and vote for your favorite. But before that though, read on after the break for this week’s artists!

There was quite the discussion in the forum this week about mixes not getting any votes since they take longer to listen to. What I’ve decided to do is this. If any mixes don’t make it into that top 5 I’ll pick one that I like and post it. Fortunately this week DSCO‘s Space DSCO mix took home the most votes! It’s loaded with all the best tunes so no worries about this being a sour mix.



Next up is a remix by Brightside of AYOBA. Schlachthofbronx held a remix contest recently which is why you may have seen this remixed to hell and back already. But Brightside did a pretty electro trash remix that’s definitely worth a listen.

AYOBA! (Brightside Remix) by brightside


You might remember this track from two weeks ago. It tied in votes with a few others so I picked it as my favorite. Matt Sayers has decided to go back and totally re-edit the track. It’s still pretty damn good.

Matt Sayers – You Aren’t Dancing by Matt Sayers


ĊЗИK is back yet again. This time with a mix full of, you guessed it, bangers. I caught a bit of this mix in my down time the other day and really enjoyed the flow of all the tracks.

Make her dance Fidget.vol4 by ĊЗИK³™


And lastly 14 year old prodigy Shark Baitt has a new edit of Suck My Disko. Diggin’ the Love Train vocals.

Aniki – Suck My Disko (Shark Baitt Edit) by adriane369

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