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Kavinsky has been hard at work on his album for months now and I guess he figured it was time to give everyone a taste of it. Nightcall is the first song Kavinsky has done vocals for which he pulls off splendidly. Then we have Breakbot come in and give his usual ultra chill remix treatment. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m driving at night I try and blast Kavinsky tracks. This EP should tide me over til the album drops later this year. Nightcall is out March 26th on Record Makers.

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Breakbot Remix) (192 kbps) (Removed by request)

1. Nightcall
2. Pacific Coast Highway
3. Nightcall (Dustin N’Guyen Remix)
4. Pacific Coast Highway (Jackson Remix)
5. Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)

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  • WeirdBeaver March 6, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Removed.. But you made me very curious! Luckily their are other ways to find and listen to these tracks. The Breakbot remix is again outstanding, the original which I listened to when Kavinsky was performing live was also very nice. When hearing it in proper quality it will win me over I guess. Can’t wait for the EP, and don’t want to wait any longer for his album..

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