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After a short break Mailbag Monday has returned! I thought about killing it off again and trying something new, but as you can see that isn’t happening quite yet. I’m still trying to work out a better system so until then Mailbag Monday will continue.

As always you can send your tracks to me on SoundCloud and please be sure to leave a note that you want it in Mailbag Monday (or else it won’t get in!).

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First up this week is a track by Lucas Hart called Because of You. It’s got some excellent samples and gives off a real break style with the drums.
Because of You – Lucas Hart by Lucas Hart


Next up is an artist by the name of Cenk who you should all know by now. His latest track is a little crazy, but it reminds me of my NES days with some of the 8bit sounds. I feel like I’m about to get a power up as I listen.
Bringing the Chaos by ĊЗИK³™


Matt Sayers is up next with a track of his called Ewww. He’s really been blowing up lately with his work and this song takes it up another notch. It’s got a deep house vibe to it which I love. You’ll find out why its called Ewww once you listen to it.
Matt Sayers – Ewww by Matt Sayers


Another face not strange to the Mailbag is KDeluxe. He’s back with a simple track that has a nice bassline to keep things alive.
KDeluxe – Not Up In Here! by kdeluxe


And last up this week is a mix by Benzo who put together an amazing mix. It’s not the usual electronic but more of a dancy party mix with a long of old school tunes thrown in.
Dance Wobble Dance (Vol.1) by Benzo

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