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Time once again for Mailbag Monday! As always you can send your tracks to me on SoundCloud and please be sure to leave a note that you want it in Mailbag Monday (or else it won’t get in!).

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Check out this weeks tracks after the break and then head on over to the forum to vote for next week!

First up this week is a track by Mr. Penisman appropriately titled Rebellion Of The Sex Organs. Names aside the track brings it, HARD.
Mr. Penisman – Rebellion Of The Sex Organs by Mr. Penisman


Next up we have another track by Matt Sayers. Almost everyone, including myself, seems to love his tracks each week so it’s no surprise to see him here again. Short, sweet, and delivers exactly what you need.

Matt Sayers – Focal by Matt Sayers


Soundkeepers change things up a bit with a big mix. It’s got a house vibe too it which was a little different than what I usually listen to, but it definitely kept me interested throughout.

YOUR NAME HERE a mix by soundkeepers by Soundkeepers


Next up is DJ Arbiter with a mix that’s so long I almost thought I was listening to an essential mix. It actually reminds me a lot of essential mixes in the sort of laid back flow they have. Good to listen to if you have a weak neck that can’t support bobbing your head back and forth for hours.

I’m Not Anti-Social, Just Shy. by DJ_Arbiter


And last, but not least, we have a remix from Dirty D-Rock of Ludacris’ How Low.

How Low (Dirty D-Rock Remix) by DirtyDRock

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