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I had the chance to have a short little talk with AC Slater right after his incredible set a few nights ago (you can check out the video I took below the interview). He dropped a few unreleased tracks and a ton wobbly bass that made your whole body shake. He’ll be making his way to Texas in just a few days, so if you live in Houston or El Paso I highly suggest you go see him.

CJ: First off how was Miami last week? I heard it was absolutely insane.

AC Slater: Oh it was amazing. We threw a Trouble & Bass party at White Room on Saturday. It was Epic. I’ve never seen anything like that in Miami.

CJ: So who played the best set out of the whole Trouble & Bass crew?

AC: I don’t know man. Everybody was on point. We had so many friends like Nadastrom and L-Vis 1990 and the whole Trouble & Bass crew. Everybody just killed it, it was a fucking crazy vibe.

CJ: I know you’ve got this new track with Drop The Lime coming out called Creepin’, can you tell me a little about it?

AC Slater: Yeah we got a place in LA for a couple of weeks and started working on music and we wrote 4 tunes and that was one of them. We just wrote a little instrumental and I was like “Hey Luca, do some vocals on here!” so you know we laid some shit down. I did some vocals, some really creepy vocals as a fucking devil or something and a little speaking part. And yeah that’s that. We still gotta finish it up, but we’re gonna put that out on Trouble & Bass this summer.

CJ: I heard you play Clam Down The Trilogy tonight, any word on a release date for that?

AC Slater: I believe May. That’s the plan. The trilogy is done and I’ve done a remix and got DJ Craze to scratch up Clam Down. I played that tonight, it’s like the b-more thing. We’re just trying to figure out the best way to release it ’cause we wanna do cool vinyl packaging and shit like that. Definitely May or June it’ll be out digitally.

CJ: Your label, Party Like Us, brought some pretty huge releases last year, what can we expect this year?

AC Slater: For Party Like Us the next release is a project I’m doing with Juiceboxxx called 92 Eternal. It’s like old school rave kinda shit with remixes by Udachi and Luna-C, an old hardcore producer from the early 90′s, fuckin’ legend. We’re doing a release from Flinch from LA, it’s really sick and these guys from England called Cry Wolf that’s sick. So we’re shootin’ for the stars ya know.

CJ: Last question, you’re stranded on a desert island and only have one album to listen to, what would it be?

AC Slater: De La Soul Is Dead. My favorite album ever. It’s so fucking good I could listen to it forever.

CJ: Right on! Thanks a lot man.

AC Slater: Yeah, no problem!

Massive thanks to Leah, Bryan, and Dan for setting this up and of course AC Slater for the amazing set and interview.

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