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I got to chat with Gina Turner for a bit after she did a show here in Albuquerque a while back. I really recommend you go see her if she comes to your town. She’s an amazing DJ and absolutely gorgeous, what more could you ask for?!

CJ: So what did you listen to when you were growing up?

GT: While I was growing up in the New York City club scene I had a fake ID, so I would go to clubs when I was like 14 and shouldn’t have been in clubs at all. I was really involved in the NYC house scene, specifically more.. I don’t wanna say the word Guido..haha, but you know the more big room house! I was really really into Rock though, like big time rock. New Order has kinda always been one of my favorite. I inherited a lot of vinyl from my mom and dad and that’s all disco ’cause my mom was a total Studio 54 girl. She was there as a regular you know… So I listen to a lot of rock.. and house!

CJ: Haha house of course.

GT: Oh and Hip-hop! and Free style, hello!

CJ: Pretty much everything then?

GT: Everything, everything! I don’t discriminate! And that’s the thing, when I DJ I don’t discriminate either.

CJ: Well then what’s the most embarrassing track you have on your iPod?

GT: Do you wanna look on my computer? haha I don’t get embarrassed though.

CJ: So you have no shame?

GT. I have no shame! I am a huge paramour fan, like huge.

CJ: But no Justin Bieber?

GT: I actually do have Justin Bieber only one song though, One Time. I think Justin Bieber is great, I used to watch him on YouTube and I was like “who is this kid?! Can I adopt him or marry him when he’s legal?!”. I guess my favorite band, and people give me so much shit for this, but I’m not embarrassed by it. My favorite band is incubus. I’ve seen them in concert like 7 times so I’m a big Incubus fan. People are like “OMG I can’t believe you’re an admitted Incubus fan!” and I’m like dude, I like them!

CJ: Haha I don’t think that’s anything to be ashamed of.

GT: Good!

CJ: So you’re one of the very few women DJs. There’s Annie Mac.. and there’s you. Those are really two of the biggest names. Have you seen any growth in the field of women as DJs since you started?

GT: Yeah, of course. Well, number one I don’t like to consider myself a girl DJ, but I am a female who DJs.. that kinda thing. I get grouped with annie mac a lot because we both have a radio background, we both are kinda like the taste maker kinda thing, but we’re also DJs.. So the female DJs that I’ve seen.. I love J Phlip, Reid Speed, Star Eyes, obviously Heidi… and I’m leaving out people, I’m sorry, but J Phlip and Reid Speed are like my idols.(Edit: Gina wanted me to add that her all time idol is DJ Heather!) So I see it expanding a little bit, but I also kinda try and make it not like a gimmicky thing. Do you know what I’m saying? Because a lot of girls do. A lot of girls are like “Oh, I’m gonna DJ in a bikini and just like dance around and not really mix”. I look at myself in pictures after I DJ and I look crazy. I’m so not trying to be hot or cute. I see these girls who try and be all sexy while they’re DJ and I’m like what are you doing?!. Okay, I’m sounding like a hater!

CJ: No no!

GT: This is my problem. I completely go off on tangents. I have to edit down my own radios shows all the time because I’ll be in like africa by the end of the interview.

CJ: It’ll probably take me an hour to transcribe this! Last year you collaborated with Laidback Luke, what do you have going on this year with him?

GT: We have a track called Jackit coming out. We’re also remixing Drop The Lime, we did a little remix swap so he’s remixing Jackit for us and we’re remixing his single Hot As Hell. We do have a lot more in store that you’ll just have to stay tuned for.

CJ: So we’ll have to tune into your radio show to find out?

GT: Yeah, or follow us on twitter. We’ll be blasting it out soon. But Jackit, you heard it.

CJ: It’s massive.

GT: And I love working with Luke. We have a really awesome vibe in the studio and just the stuff we’ve been working on were just like “Woah, how did we come up with this stuff! It’s great!”Because it’s not stuff that he would normal do. If you listen to Boriqua and Jackit, that doesn’t sound like Laidback Luke. So there’s my influences and there’s his and it’s like this crazy hybrid of I don’t even know what!

CJ: You’ve obviously played all over, you’re in New Mexico of all places. So what’s been your favorite place to play?

GT: I love playing in New Mexico, I’m not just saying that because i’m here. Because I get to see my family and my little cousins get to come to my shows. This most recent time all three of them got to see me so that’s really cool. Possibly my favorite place to play.. I loved playing in Norway. Norway was off the chaaain, but really Juárez Mexico. Whenever I say that people are like “Woah.. Okay..”, but Juárez Mexico.. It’s the murder capitol of the world, but yo, they know how to party and they like minimal techno so I get to go really deep. Like I don’t play any Rihanna remixes or anything haha.

CJ: As a radio personally you sort of have a leg up on trends, what do you see as being the trend in 2010?

GT: You know I asked this question to every single person I interviewed at WMC and I don’t even know the answer to this! Everyone keeps saying Dutch Dutch Dutch, but that fact of the matter is the Dutch sound has already been around forever. I’d say everything Latin. That’s what I’m feeling and I’ve always felt. I think there’s gonna be a lot of 2-step, 2-step and Garage is gonna come back. Because the BPM is getting faster and the wobbles are getting less. So like high BPM, but still not so hard. Does that make sense?

CJ: Yeah, it makes sense! Now I have one more thing!

GT: Is this like a surprise?

CJ: Yes, my friends and I planned this when we saw you the other night.

GT: Oh my God!

CJ: *I get down on one knee and pull out a candy Ring Pop* Will you marry me?

GT: Hahaha! Awww… Umm can I think about it?… Yes!

We’re officially engaged. Although she did eat the Ring Pop a few minutes later… which I think technically means it’s off, but I can still hope!

Thanks again to Gina for the interview and DJ Dizzan for setting the whole thing up.

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