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It’s Monday again which means it’s time to check the ol’ mailbag and see what’s good. If you wanna get in on the awesomeness, you can send your tracks to me on SoundCloud and please be sure to shoot me a message saying that you want it in Mailbag Monday (or else it won’t get in!).

Send me your track

And be sure to head on over to the forum and check out the excellent selection of tracks to vote on for next time.

First up this week is a fairly simple tune. I guess a beat and a distorted synth are all you really need now a days.

Render The Output (Crazyfish Remix) – Blunt B by Crazyfish


Next up is Flux with another surprisingly simple track. Not really down the crazy repetitive nature of the track, but it’s got 2 pretty good drops.

Swallow by Flux (Australia)


DJ Red Baron sent in this next extremely funky mix. The tracklist looked pretty average at first, but once you get into it you’ll find everything fits together quite nicely.

A Whistling Gypsy by DJ Red Baron


Next up is blog homie DSCO who has a great new mix out. The tracks play out a little long for my taste, but the track selection is solid none the less.



And last up this week we have a new track from Chad Vicious called Control Yourself. I caught this track about a month ago when he first sent it to me and I’ve been loving it ever since.


And that’ll do it for this week! See you in two!

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