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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Don Rimini consistently puts out some of my favorite mixes and his original tracks and remixes are some of the most intense tunes you’ll ever hear on a dance floor. I had the opportunity to ask the Godfather of electro some questions about production, the future, and his favorite producers right now. Here’s what he had to say.

Chemical Jump: So how did you get into the DJ/Producer scene?
Don Rimini: In the 90’s, my elder brother made me discover house, techno, new beat, acid house … I bought my first turntables at 14 and started to Deejay. And faster as I couldn’t think, it became a way of life. So I naturally started producing my own tracks – it is the obvious next step for a deejay. Man, I learned with a prehistoric Atari computer, an Akai’s 950 sampler, and SL1200 MK2 turntables. My first tracks been done in 2005 and by chance I still continue to have fun and improve my dj mixes. Ahaha

CJ: You’ve produced some ridiculously good tracks like Rave On and Ohow?, what’s your mindset when you first go into the studio to produce a track?
DR: Make a track I’ll enjoy DJ! A track that could burn a dancefloor! Definitely!
Even if, my previous EP (Kick n Run) was pretty spontaneous and direct; here, on Nlarge Your Parties, I wanted to keep that energy and that dynamic while adding something more melodious and harmonic. I took my time. Make it a bit more produced. I tried to combine musicality and efficiency. Some good dance music. Anyway, I tried … ;) It’s an evolution. Like some others producers, I was looking for a new sound, a new vibe. I tried to give something sexier, more elegant. Anyway, I’m really curious of the first public feedback.
A friend told me recently that if all the fidget guys had preferred to run that way, rather than pushing the buttons till overload, we would have more laughed nowadays – and who knows – we would see more girls smiling. That touched me a lot.

CJ: You have quite a few EPs under your belt since you started out, do you have any plans to put together an album at some point?
DR: No… I do not really see the purpose of making an album. I’m not sure that my music could be interesting on lps, on a classic format I mean. This question comes up quite often, but really, I see no purpose. Anyway I would love to release a kind of mix-album with some rarities, unreleased tracks, edits – all mixed like during a party. I make club music! Ahahahah! Anyway, I really figured my ep as a mini album. With an intro, outro, skits, …

CJ: What can we expect from The Don in 2010? Do you have any “secret weapons” waiting to be dropped?
DR: You can expect many fun, love, sweat, hysteria, frenzy…
I’m definitely ready to fight the dancefloor!!! More than ever! An endless tour for endless parties. Seriously, I really can’t wait for the crowd to pulse on my new tracks.
My secret weapons will certainly be my compilation « curated by Don Rimini… », on which I’m working on and hopefully will be released next November on Mental Groove. I’ll highlight 4 awesome youngblods. It is a tiny, but absolutely an amazing selection of huge tracks. Then some remixes, then a compilation of my own tracks for Japan, then touring and touring again. So stay tuned peeps.

CJ: Who’s your favorite producer right now? Are there any unknowns you think will make it big this year?
DR: My favorite producers stay the same since 4 years now… FakeBlood & Soulwax.
What else? :) They are simply Genius. They own the dancefloor science.
Man, I’m always digging new tracks, always listening to youg bloods. The unfinished quest!!!
My favourite newcomers? Easy… They will all be on « curated by Don Rimini… » ahahh
Seriously, believe me, it will be:

Bmono (aka Keith), it’s been a long time I follow him and his friend Supabeatz.
I discovered him when he won the Franz Ferdinand’s remix contest. He’s got his own « magic touch ». Tracks & remixes are fucking well produced. I’m not the only one to focus on him. He recently remixed Crookers, Steed Lord, Crystal Castles, Two Door Cinema Club, Mumdance & Brodinski…

- Tag Team Terror, my favorite german artist at this moment. I love the way he produces. A kind of classic Chicago House spirit. The track that he gave me for the compilation is a massive hit-banger. Each time I played it, the crowd turned insane… :)

- Blatta & Inesha, the great bulldozer !! those 2 guys produce a powerfull and supa melodic sound. I remember, last year @ sonar festival, peoples were crazy on their Ramirez – El Ritmo Barbaro remix.

And I’m also following wicked producers like Modek, Ado, The Subs, Sticky K, Highbloo, Manaré (aka Riot Kids), Breakbot, Dro & Lodzy… And much more, but we’ll need tons of pages. Ah ah

CJ: You’re stranded on a desert island and only have one album to listen to, what would it be?
DR: This question comes quite often, and it’s always so hard to select only one… Anyway I always choose another album. Ahahah. It depends of my mood at that time.
Today I’d say : James Brown – Ain’t It Funky Now
And tomorrow, I might choose Phoenix – Alphabetical, then Dr Dre – 2001…. Ahahah

CJ: Anything you wanna say to all your fans on Chemical Jump?
DR: Enlarge your parties!!!
Come get crazy with us!

Huge thank to Don Rimini for the interview and Justin for setting it up! If you haven’t already, go pick up Enlarge Your Parties on Beatport.

Don Rimini – All About (320 kbps)

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