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When in the course of posting lots of disco house you start to wonder where it all comes from and who are the awesome people that release it. Well wonder no more because my recent interview with White Girl Lust has answers! I really had a lot of fun talking to these guys though. They’ve been friends nearly since birth and the story of how they came to start Solid Bump Records and where it’s going in the future is a must read. They were also kind enough to do an exclusive mix for Chemical Jump! So check it out below!

Exclusive Chemical Jump Mix by White Girl Lust

Chemical Jump: So first off, how did you two meet?

Clayton: Basically we met when our parents were playing in bands together circa 1981. As Eric has said in the past “our first collaborations were over Star Wars and Legos” Haha.

Eric: We were only about 2 years old.

CJ: When did you start making music together?

Eric: We were friends all through life, but we didn’t start to collaborate until after college. I had been doing Drum ‘n Bass professionally as a DJ and producer since the late 90s. I worked with someone else under the name D.Ecco & Sabotage. We had a few releases that got some big steam. Got to tour a bit. Got some full vinyl releases and all that. Clay was in real bands at that time.

Clayton: When eric says “real” he means bands with instruments.

Eric: Around 2004 I was getting bored with DNB. It was getting far too much like a heavy metal concert at clubs – shirtless dudes moshing and shit. Clay moved into our house that had a full studio in the Attic. He brought all his gear and that was when the idea of WGL started.

We had both been really into house and what not for years. All our friends were house DJs. We were hip to all that was going on. At the time classics like “One More Time” and “Black Legend” and all that was going on – I was playing huge parties with a lot of the people we look up to now. So we were really highly exposed to it all. Even years before that at warehouse parties with dudes like Garth and Sneak, two people that were heavy influences on us.

So I was sick of DNB at the time. A lot of house DJs were getting really minimal. The only things we really liked were old disco records, classic house, and what people like DFA had been doing the last few years.

Clayton: I will just say that the first White Girl Lust things were us playing with these sounds and trying to find our voice as a duo. It took some time and serious work but I feel very happy with where are presently.

CJ: Was West Coast Bump one of your first works together?

Eric: Yeah – we literally experimented a lot before that and there are LOADS of demos that will never be heard, but West Coast Bump was the start. And honestly it was an experiment too. We did this really strange homage to all the synth funk that people are calling boogie now, West Coast Bump. It wasn’t really intended to be like a “DJ EP”, so when we were thinking of releasing it – we knew it would not be easy to shop it.

CJ: So you were surprised when it got picked up?

Clayton: Haha awesome question.

Eric: Well, that was when we started Solid Bump. It was literally for this one off project.

Clayton: We have a lot of buddies who work and have worked for Beatport so we did West Coast Bump, like Eric said, as a one off exclusive more as an experiment than anything else!

Eric: To our surprise, it was fairly successful. So we did the remix EP – again just friends. But then we were like “okay – now what?”

Clayton: It took some gentle arm twisting, but I convinced Eric that running a label would be “easy”. A couple years later and we are in a constant state of self induced anxiety.

Eric: Another friend of ours Dre Day, did a fairly odd single “Chat Noir”. It was again, pretty far out, but it introduced the “disco” element part of the Solid Bump stew. We then met Laberge and that was what really sealed the direction of the label. That was when we did Pleasure & Pressure. And I really feel that is the first SBR release that really represents the vision of the label.

Clayton: Definitely, it’s the first for so many reasons. Both sonically and visually it defines the label for me.

CJ: You don’t see too many labels today that can firmly say their first release defines them.

Clayton: We have used it as a light house. Anytime we start to imagine other possibilities we use that release and Laberge’s single to guide us back to center.

Eric: That being said, we have really refined the vision of the label too. We’ve been really lucky to meet all the talented people on the roster and really hit it off with everyone. Its been a really great thing that continues to grow. And all our collective visions of what house music was and will be are pretty consistent. It makes me really excited about the future.

It’s almost like everyone has kind of been pulled together, and are really fueled by what the others are doing. There is a lot of cross influence going on, but everyone is kicking their own style.

CJ: Now that you guys have all these great artists on your label, what can we look forward to in the coming months?

Eric: Ghosts Of Venice has a the “Her” EP coming up next month in addition he has his release on Strictly Rhythm dropping soon. Strictly Rhythm’s 90′s back catalog is one of my most prized. So that is really inspiring.

Adulture just became label manager for the infamous Chicago label Dust Traxx. In turn he has been getting a lot of the associated artist involved with that.

White Girl Lust is getting back to focusing on music again. We had to slow down writing to grow the label. It’s like taking care of a baby, the first few years are so hands on we had to sacrifice some of our music time. We are writing a EP with Alona that is straight jacking’ vocal house. No samples. You can get a taste of that on our “Her” remix.

Mykill and Meroz have started to collaborate. They sent the first demo yesterday and it is AMAZING. I am going to try and put it on the mix for you.

CJ: Or just send the mp3.. that works too!

Eric: Ha, maybe a teaser. We also have Mix Chopin locked in on a few tracks.

CJ: That’s great! I remember back when he sent me an email asking to post one of his tracks and after I heard it I absolutely had to.

Eric: He told me you were one of the first people he got to pay attention when I was telling him about this interview. We are also going to do a 3rd installment of Pleasure & Pressure. We hope most the label will be involved in that one, especially Laberge.

CJ: Scandalous cover art and all?

Eric: They always have to be a bit on the fringe ;)

Basically we feel we have the most solid (no pun intended) group of friends – all of whom are doing top notch work. We intentionally are very careful on what we sign and release. We want to make sure that Solid Bump is really a collection of friends doing top notch music. Not just a turn and burn digital label.

Clayton: Exactly, we decided early on to focus on the quality of the music we were putting energy into and not the quantity.

CJ: Yeah, you wouldn’t believe some of the promo emails I get from labels. It’s like they have a new release each week.

Clayton: Right, or a rehashing of a single idea for 2 years. I remember that from band days.

Eric: That is why we are less prolific than a lot of labels. It is really hard to make something timeless in this digital age. We feel like the people we are working with are making music that really is that level of quality. We want each release – even if it doesn’t have vinyl accompanying it – to feel like it is worth paying attention to for longer than the self life of most turn and burn labels.

CJ: Something you’ll dig out of the mp3 playlist years later and still listen to.

Eric: Exactly. Something that the audience feels is worth remembering. You will not get that if you drop 35 releases a year.

Clayton: We honestly couldn’t do it any other way. Our hearts just wouldn’t be in it.

CJ: That’s great to hear! Is there anything else you wanna say?

Eric: Bring back that jack in 2011 – that is the SBR slogan of next year!

CJ: Haha I like it! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me.

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