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Ladies and gentlemen, circumstances have now escalated this issue into a full blown conspiracy on a global scale. I’m talking of course about artists-playing-obviously-stellar-tracks-and-forgoing-official-releases-a-long-ass-time-er syndrome, or apostforlater (a totally real and serious condition I didn’t just make up). I get that some times samples need to be cleared occasionally, or it’s one of your “DJ weapons” that’ll never be released. That’s totally cool with me. I just want the heads up that it’ll never be released so I can move on with my life. The next time you see people commenting on youtube videos for months begging for a track, you might wanna think about releasing it in a timely fashion. /rant Anyway, this new D.I.M. joint is more old school D.I.M. for obvious reasons (see above). And although I’ll probably end up putting Kleine Traume in a set or two, I’m strangely finding myself drawn a little to the more techno the b-side La Prarie.

D.I.M. – Kleine Träume (192 kbps)

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