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Another year has gone by so it’s finally time to push Chemical Jump to version 3! You’ll notice the new background and some knobs that turn up at the top (I had to add something fun) as well as a headphone cable draping down the left side. A new logo will be coming later this year along with a new t-shirt design.

Things might not look too different on the outside, but this theme was re-built practically from the ground up (unlike the pervious version) and after a bit of work I was able to achieve the same look with about 20% less code! Which hopefully means the site will be that much faster when loading.

You should also notice that you’ll actually be able to reply to comments and have them stack inline! That was a major glitch in the previous theme that I just couldn’t find an easy fix for, so I made sure to get it right this time.

Update: For those of you on Facebook, you can now use Facebook Connect to leave comments!

And that’s it! Hope you guys will enjoy this for a while. If you see anything broken or awkward looking don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or leave a comment on any post explaining what’s wrong.


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