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With the summer over we’ve finally been given a peak at what Ed Banger has in store for the fall. Mr. Oizo has a new album coming out. People at HARD were very privilieved to be one of the first tohear one of his new tracks, Douche Beat, played by Busy P.

Also comes new Justice in the form of a track called Helix. I’m still not sure what to make of it.. After hearing Civilization I was a bit concerned with the direction the new album would take. Now that we get to hear a bit more I’m almost certain this isn’t going to be anything close to a Cross Pt II. It’ll have it’s day to shine no doubt, but I can guarantee you I won’t be hearing any of the tracks as cell phone ringtones like I did so many times with D.A.N.C.E. Props to them for recording all the parts (guitars, drums, etc.) entirely by themselves though.

As for the rest, I’m honestly also pretty shocked at the fact that Busy P put in a Skrillex remix into the mix. You can immediately tell the Dubstep doesn’t fit into the mix or even the Ed Banger styling at all and just seems like it’s trying to be appealing to the masses. Maybe it’s just me being arragent in not expressing the new musical taste that’s been developing the past year… But old school ways or not, it looks like Ed Banger has at least a couple good tunes in store for this fall. It’s time to get back in doors away from the summer sun and dance the night away without a care in the world.

ED REC FALL 2011 DELIVERY by edbangerrecords


DSL “Supalove”
KRAZY BALDHEAD “Surabaya Girl”
SEBASTIAN feat Mayer Hawthorne “Love in Motion” Skrillex’s funkt-out mix
MICKEY MOONLIGHT “Close to Everything”
MICKEY MOONLIGHT “Close to Everything” The Martin Brothers remix
MR OIZO “Douche Beat”
JUSTICE “Audio, Video, Disco” Para One remix

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