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I haven’t had a good competition around here in a while and now that I’ve got the new t-shirts in I figured it was time for one! Instead of doing a remix comp or something similar I’ve decided to go back to the basics and focus on one thing I think every artist should do at least once, a mini-mix. Mini-mixes are, essentially, cramming as many tracks as you can (without sounding like total crap) into 5 minutes. Pretty simple, right? Well it gets even better.

My friends over at JLab Audio have graciously agreed to sponsor the competition! So in addition to an awesome Chemical Jump t-shirt if you win, you’ll also receive the latest and greatest audio gear from JLabs!

How it’ll work:
From now until November 19th you can send your mix into this SoundCloud group. Do not email me your entry or put it in my SoundCloud dropbox. Only entries in the group will count.

Enter Here!

On the 20th I’ll go through the entries and pick my 3 favorites.

From there, I’ll make a post with the top 3 and you guys will vote on the winner.

The Prizes:
First Place: Brand new JLab J6 Headphones + a new Chemical Jump t-shirt of your choice
Second Place: A Chemical Jump t-shirt

Plus, all the winning mixes will be posted here!

The Rules:
1. The mix must be 5 minutes to 5:30 in length.
2. The mix must contain at least 15 individual tracks, and I encourage you to use as many as possible!
3. Since Chemical Jump is always about sharing, you must include a tracklist. (if you don’t want anyone else to jack your awesome transition ideas, just upload your mix slightly before the deadline)
4. You can record it live or pre-arrange in your favorite software as long as you abide by the rules above.
5. Entry deadline is November 19th at 11:59 EST. Anything submitted after that will not count.

Got it? Good. If you have any questions about the competition just leave them in a comment here and I’ll answer them.

Edit: For those that think 15 songs in 5 minutes is too much… Just look at NASA’s 5 minute mini-mix with 57 songs. The mix is probably one of the most creative things I’ve ever heard. And that’s what I want you all to be, creative as hell! Anyone can throw together a simple mix of songs, but to do it in 5 minutes takes real planning and foresight. Something that sets apart the kids from the grownups.

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