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It’s summer now and we can ease off the bangers for a second to sit back and relax to the soothing sounds of summer-time disco.  Honestly, Nate’s got the headbangery bangers covered so, I’ll be providing the lighter touch most of the time anyway.  For all of you getting all white-knuckled and riled up about that, don’t worry, I’ll add some tracks to your Fight Music playlist from time to time too.  This is more of an introduction, so for now, this is what I’m listening to and have a great big disco-y boner for:


Grab a Mai Tai or margarita, then text girls that you think will look good in bikinis to come to the pool party, but play it cool so they don’t think you’re just inviting them to see them in a bikini.  I said play it cool, Nate! Only Children are the tits.  Listen to this while you float on your party raft.  Oh, you don’t have one? Sucka.

Only Children – Whatcha Wanna (Original Mix)


Viceroy is the champion of summer tunes.  A contender at least and this is a jam as always.  Better than a jam— a whole, like,  jar of preserves.

Viceroy & WhiteNoize – Only Takes (Original Mix)


Really digging this right now.  A.N.D.Y. & Vicente’s EP Traffic is pretty sweet all around, but this is the standout.  It really heats up after a couple minutes.  This is for when the margaritas start leavening your mood and the warm summer night settles in.

A.N.D.Y & Vicente – El Barrio (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver Remix)


Sure, this is probably on everyone’s iPod already, but it’s pretty great.  Anyone who gets their name from the Wu Tang name generator and slays like Childish Gambino is okay by me and Justin Faust continuously pumps out songs that get a lot of mileage on miTunes

Childish Gambino – Heartbeat (Justin Faust Remix)


Okay, okay.  I like Katy Perry sometimes.  Fine.  Especially when it gets the RAC treatment.  You know you like it. Deal with it or ignore it.

Katy Perry – Part of Me (RAC Remix)


Last, but not least this Lenno remix of Martin Solveig’s The Night Out has been topping my favorite tracks queue for the last couple weeks.  Lenno is like 12-years old or something ludicrous like that.  He’s Finnish and he’s a game changer.  Hit up Beatport and supplement the kid’s allowance.  Check out Your Style if you’re on his Soundcloud.

Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Lenno Remix)


That’s to kick start your summer.  Now sit by the pool with a molotov cocktail and relax.

— Yancy


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