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This Msystem track walks a nice line between what’s becoming a predictable “disco” sound— that snappy, slap bass and brass and all that, which I can really love, but fear will become static and standardized and might ruin it— and some harder hous-y shit.  It’s part of a new EP like most songs on Soundcloud so you can check out the rest of it there.  And even though words like “Acid” and “Freaks” don’t necessarily sit well with me when titling electro-dance tracks because it’s hackneyed— like naming your metal band Fire Splinter© or Vitriol Vomit— the EP is worth checking out.  Get at it.  Then compliment my taste in music and assuage my insecurity.  Though, honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about the other tracks just yet.  The title track feels busy and clashing, but I am digging Show Me The Way You Are.  Go on.  Listen for yourselves.


Msystem – We Live Forever (Msystem Destroy the Disco Remix)


Here’s the original:


Msystem – We Live Forever (Original Mix)


Plus this:


Msystem – Show Me The Way You Are




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