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Bananas.  Horn.  Telephoned.  That’s all I really need to say, but fine, I’ll say a little more.  Saw Telephoned at SXSW at a Fool’s Gold party and Maggie just ate shit in the middle of their set.  Then she popped up like nothing happened and sang Turn My Swag On.  That’s some pretty boss shit, don’t you think?  Fun anecdotes!

This track is really more about Amtrac though.  It’s a funky little ditty.  Great synth line and chopped girl vocals which are the way to my heart.  Choppy female formants.  Mmmm.  After a very long week with no sleep and what may as well have been intravenous caffeine intake, this is making me happy.  The original and the remixes are out now.  Getcha hands on a copy.  Figuratively.  ’Cause it’s just a download.

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  • Civita October 3, 2012 at 9:33 am

    Definitely funky indeed. Really feeling the chopped up vocals here. I feel like, if done right, chopped up fem vocals will always improve a track.

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