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Zedd’s much anticipated debut full length, Clarity, released on iTunes yesterday. While the album isn’t full of tracks that are mind blowers, this one is a stand out (must be why they made a video for it). I’m gonna focus on this track instead of the plethora of poppy club hits you’ll hear at your local dresscode enforced nightclub in the near future.

Stache gets right to the point. With no hesitation, a banger with harmonized synth arpeggios. It might as well be a riff out of Iron Maiden’s guitar tablature. Swaping sounds, giving you a bit of that 2008 electro with the 2012 club that we’ve grown acustomed to. Its a track that despite being instrumental gets stuck in your head. Give it a little bit, you’ll be mouthing the melody in the shower like a gleetard in no time.

Got no complaints on this one Z-man. (check out the official video below)

cop dat shit 

Here’s some kid playing it with sweet guitar licks…

Little snips of the rest of the tunes from Clarity. Aside from the single Shave It Up, which has been out for a hot minute, I dig the one with Ellie Goulding and Lucky Date.

Good producers deserve support, if you feel like buying tracks or your mom still thinks it’s cool to give you an itunes gift card as a present, throw some of that internet money towards Zedd.


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