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Heard the expression All Swedish and no finish?  If you haven’t before, now you have.  Tell your friends.  Example usage:  You’re just lampin’ down at your local speakeasy and your friend lamely lays his spiel out for some poor girl whose night is now lost trying simply not to be a total dick about telling him to take a breather.  Okay, maybe this isn’t the exact reaction he gets, but at any rate, he spends all night trying to woo her and then comes closing time and she’s on her way home Han style.  Solo. Your boy is all Swedish and no finish.  Don’t you just love slang?  All this to say that Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver are all sweetish and plenty Finnish.  And they got this new EP for ya, Ready to Go, with a remix from A.N.D.Y. & Vicente.  I like it.  A lot.  My mind goes to GRUM’s remix of Goldfrapp’s Rocket.  (But just knowing that there is a new GRUM album out there somewhere right now makes my mind go there as a response to just about anything).  They all belong to the same ilk.  I’ll maybe describe it as melodic house?  I guess that’s as vague as any other genre title.  It doesn’t make you want to fight or fuck.  It just makes you want to make a video montage with you and your friends in neon colors, rack focuses on smiles backlit by a sunset over the ocean, before you grab your Chivers jacket and hit the town.  (If you can tell me what that’s in reference to, I’ll, well, think you’re cool.  And maybe we can work out something like a prize.  Who knows.)  Okay, Jesus.  How did you let me just keep yammering for so long?  Listen to the songs already.  Go on.


Instrumentals if you like beatier beats with vocaless vocals—

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