French Stereo – Galactic Party (original mix) Posted by: hendrick in Drunk Blogging

Imma be real real with all of you troopers who have stood by and watched this bleeding animal of-a-blog suffer. I love this blog with all my heart and everyone who has visited. This is not the last post, but for me “the end is nigh”. I cannot speak for paul (who is out of the country at the moment) or cliff (occupied with dinner utensils about his path) or even nate (who has been givin’ the role of “prodigal son” and he just doesn’t know his cues yet. Or he just needed an extended break from this crazy scene and hasn’t yet decided if he’s going to make his way back just yet. Let’s face it, dance music of 2012 is a sad, saturated, drunk, annoying cousin to dance music from 2008. Why is my stupid commentary in the parentheses designated to nate?) I know we all made it past the december 21st deadline but something about this holy place has been dead for a while. I have a full time job outside of this, and a fully loaded semester on the horizon. When it is my time to depart expect a full letter of resignation. At the moment enjoy this awesome contemporary throwback from some of my favorites. A true 2008 electro beast, a little late of the wave. enjoy.

French Stereo – Galactic Party (original mix)

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Mix Chopin – Rio 76 Posted by: Cliff in Disco, Drunk Blogging, Electronic

Picks up near the end so for those of you with limited patience, this one might not be for you.  Took me a couple listens actually.  I was kind of feeling like it wasn’t offering anything new outside of that Nu Disco sound that is getting very redundant, but I shouldn’t have doubted ma boy M. Chopin.  He knows how to add a little zest.  This one grew on me and I’m digging the grittier electro sounds he tosses in for the coda.



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