Aesop Rock – Coffee (Figure Remix) Posted by: hendrick in Dubstep, Electronic

An unlikely pair, but I like it. It’s a free download too. enjoy.

Aesop Rock – Coffee (Figure Remix) (320kbps)

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M83 – Steve McQueen (BeatauCue Remix) Posted by: hendrick in Dubstep, Electronic, Moody

Line em’ up and knock em’ down. BeatauCue has tackled all genres of dance music and this remix is an excellent example of dub-step being great. Enjoy.

M83 – Steve McQueen (BeatauCue Remix)

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Ghastly! Posted by: Cliff in Dubstep, Electronic, Moody, Rock

New track from Ghastly! Open The Gates is some moody dubstep from another young buck producer on the up and up.  Not normally a huge dubstep fan, but this guy moves around genres and experiments with all sorts of stuff and I’m always a fan of a risk taker.  He’s got a background in metal which makes the transition to dance music kind of a no-brainer.  Honestly.  There is so much overlap.  Metal is being co-opted and appropriated into dance tracks almost everywhere you look.  It is seminal to every banger you’ve ever heard.  Think Justice, Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT.  They all have metal and fast rock to thank.   In that same vein, Ghastly! brings his background and puts it to use in his own fashion.  Check it out.


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Monsta – Messiah (Alvin Risk Remix) Posted by: Paul in Dubstep, Electronic, Ferris Bueller, Fucksongs


For all you baby munching, fist swallowing, brain melting, dubstep lovers out there. DC producer  Alvin Risk just released his remix of Monsta’s Messiah. My favorite part is this track the sample of day bow bow. Listen for it. The song devoured Ferris Bueller’s soul and is regurgitating it one mouthed bass note at a time.

Monsta – Messiah (Alvin Risk Remix)

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Seven Lions Posted by: Cliff in Dubstep, Electronic, Everything Category, Moody

Always looking for music that tries something new and Seven Lions is nicely different.    Make sure you give it a listen all the way through the EP.  I mean, by all means, skip around the tracks—I rarely have the patience to listen to a song all the way through on the first listen—but listen to them, because they’re strange and play around in a bunch of genres.  They have these long fucking intros with breathy female vocals that sound like they’re going nowhere (Where you goin’?  Fuckin’ nowhere!) but then comes this monumental build-up and then the drop might surprise you.  May not be your bag, but give it a shot.  OWSLA has been putting out some good stuff.  Came out today so you can snatch that up if you’re loving it.


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