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Because all I want is to make you happy.




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For all you baby munching, fist swallowing, brain melting, dubstep lovers out there. DC producer  Alvin Risk just released his remix of Monsta’s Messiah. My favorite part is this track the sample of day bow bow. Listen for it. The song devoured Ferris Bueller’s soul and is regurgitating it one mouthed bass note at a time.

Monsta – Messiah (Alvin Risk Remix)

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Peaches – Burst! (Bart B More Remix) + more Posted by: Paul in Electronic, Fucksongs, Moody, Sports, Techno, Trap

This tracks a long way from Fuck the Pain Away.  Not releasing much since 2009, Peaches’ latest release on Boys Noize records nudges this former household name slightly back into the spotlight. The single release comes complete with everything from club jumpers to trap tracks. Bart B More’s magic touch is just one of the highlights. Enjoy the acidy 707 high-pass synths.

Peaches – Burst (Bart B More Remix)


The original produced by Boys Noize and XXX Change


and just for all you trap heads UZ dropped this little diddy filled with all the crispy high hats and 808′s you can ask for

Peaches – Burst (UZ Remix)



Tonight’s forecast: A Freeze is coming. Posted by: Cliff in Disco, Everything Category, Fucksongs, Synthy Bliss

Spare me any bullshit on this one.  Luke Million is the best.  Love that one track sampling Arnie wasn’t good enough so he went ahead and did it again.  Freeze, Batman.  Freeze wharhouwah—What? What the fuck is he saying right there?



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Funny thing is, none of these people are playing Lolla.  But I’m in Chicago and going and it’s what’s on my mind.  I told you there would be more Aylen to come, so there’s that, new and old.  Also new BeatauCue and likely the only Skrillex track I will ever post.  Proust!


Xristo – My First Kiss (Aylen Remix)


I can’t believe I’m posting a track by someone whose self-appointed moniker is :D Face.  What a schmuck.  This remix slays though and despite it being a — buzz word — Banger, I am into it.  Aylen has some fucking dope sounds.  It’s an old one (meaning two months old, which is like a lifetime, I know) but fuck it—


:D Face – Mad Man (Aylen Remix)


The Others – The Way You Make Me (BeatauCue Remix)


Skrillex feat. Sirah – Bangarang (MSystem Remix)


If you’re gonna be at Lolla, come say what’s up.  Well, you’d have to know what I look like, but this could be the time for you to come to me with your praises, complaints, criticisms, presents— I’ll happily accept something from the fermented sugar department.  Or you could just comment on here and we can set up some sort of meeting.  I’ll be the one wearing the purple dahlia in my boutonnière.



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