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Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix)


Really, I don’t have to say much.  Viceroy continues the “Jet Life” series remixing the Fresh Prince.  Summertime all the time.  And it’s free.  Air Fresh Prince/Jazzy Jeff-shake-it-up-and-snap-while-going-psshh me.  You know, like from the show?  How hot is Hilary by the way?


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Shook keeps it steamy in the studio— which, these days means a bedroom with a MacBook— and he’s got a new EP out.  And it’s a seductive fucker.  Like a brown-eyed, brunette number with stylish kicks— eh, it’s what I’m into.  ”Distorted Love” is slightly more upbeat, but let’s not kid ourselves, in the ChemJump realm— well, it’s the antithesis to Ado’s “Pressure.”  “Love For You” slows things down a bit.  Some of  you might be thinking “even more?!?!?!?” with a number of exclamation points and a pouty face while you clamor for the new Aoki.  Ouais.  Even more.  It pairs nicely with a dry, tannic red, like a Malbec or Cab Sav.  Something with a little sex on the nose and a nice full-bodied sensual mouth-feel.  And since your studio doubles as a bedroom, it won’t be much of a walk before business time!

Someone compared it to “Something About Us.”  I’m sure that’s a compliment, and I feel like I know what song they’re talking about, but I can’t remember who does it…

Shook – Distorted Love feat.  Ronika



Shook – Love For You


Cop it on his Bandcamp or wait until it hits an online store that you’ve heard of.  Buy it if you like sex(or think you might incase you haven’t tried it).



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