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It’s late. I still have a lot of reading to do, but this guy/group is too good not share. Apologies if I’m late to this party. Take some time and go through his/their whole library it’s pretty fantastic. Also here is a fun cheesy video for one of his/their songs “Le Perv” WARNING: NSFW. Enjoy.

Carpenter Brut – Disco Zombi I✝alia

Carpenter Brut – 347 Midnigh✝ Demons

Carpenter Brut – The Good Old Call (fea✝. Franky Cadillac)

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Candyland – Bring The Rain (ft. Lexi Forche) Posted by: hendrick in Electronic, Moody, Synthy Bliss, Uncategorized

It feels just a little cheesy at first and all I can say is the crunchy center is so worth the cheese. Full album out today. Also check out the awesome slap bass on Beneath Myself. enjoy.

Candyland – Bring The Rain (ft. Lexi Forche) (clip)

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M83 – Steve McQueen (BeatauCue Remix) Posted by: hendrick in Dubstep, Electronic, Moody

Line em’ up and knock em’ down. BeatauCue has tackled all genres of dance music and this remix is an excellent example of dub-step being great. Enjoy.

M83 – Steve McQueen (BeatauCue Remix)

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Pyramid – Black Road Posted by: hendrick in Disco, Electronic, Moody, Synthy Bliss

Let this slow, funky tune help you digest those leftovers. Enjoy.

Pyramid – Black Road (320 kbps)

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