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It’s late. I still have a lot of reading to do, but this guy/group is too good not share. Apologies if I’m late to this party. Take some time and go through his/their whole library it’s pretty fantastic. Also here is a fun cheesy video for one of his/their songs “Le Perv” WARNING: NSFW. Enjoy.

Carpenter Brut – Disco Zombi I✝alia

Carpenter Brut – 347 Midnigh✝ Demons

Carpenter Brut – The Good Old Call (fea✝. Franky Cadillac)

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Oliver has been all over the place lately and I commend them for dipping their toes in many ponds. I really like this little teaser, or “sampler” if you will, they have provided. It is nicely built around a little vocal hook and the synth work is tight and really fun. These guys are going to only get more impressive so keep a look-out in 2013. It feels strange to type that out for some reason. Enjoy.

Oliver – MYB (Sampler)

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Redial – Escape Posted by: hendrick in Moody, Moody, Synthy Bliss

If this an indication of what the new Redial EP will be like I am very excited. Redial has always loved his epic piano and symphony sounds and this time around he goes to town on a bendy synth from the 80′s. All you need to do now is borrow your mom’s car and crank this as you go on a mission to 7eleven. Enjoy.

Redial – Escape

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New track from Ghastly! Open The Gates is some moody dubstep from another young buck producer on the up and up.  Not normally a huge dubstep fan, but this guy moves around genres and experiments with all sorts of stuff and I’m always a fan of a risk taker.  He’s got a background in metal which makes the transition to dance music kind of a no-brainer.  Honestly.  There is so much overlap.  Metal is being co-opted and appropriated into dance tracks almost everywhere you look.  It is seminal to every banger you’ve ever heard.  Think Justice, Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT.  They all have metal and fast rock to thank.   In that same vein, Ghastly! brings his background and puts it to use in his own fashion.  Check it out.


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