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Funny thing is, none of these people are playing Lolla.  But I’m in Chicago and going and it’s what’s on my mind.  I told you there would be more Aylen to come, so there’s that, new and old.  Also new BeatauCue and likely the only Skrillex track I will ever post.  Proust!


Xristo – My First Kiss (Aylen Remix)


I can’t believe I’m posting a track by someone whose self-appointed moniker is :D Face.  What a schmuck.  This remix slays though and despite it being a — buzz word — Banger, I am into it.  Aylen has some fucking dope sounds.  It’s an old one (meaning two months old, which is like a lifetime, I know) but fuck it—


:D Face – Mad Man (Aylen Remix)


The Others – The Way You Make Me (BeatauCue Remix)


Skrillex feat. Sirah – Bangarang (MSystem Remix)


If you’re gonna be at Lolla, come say what’s up.  Well, you’d have to know what I look like, but this could be the time for you to come to me with your praises, complaints, criticisms, presents— I’ll happily accept something from the fermented sugar department.  Or you could just comment on here and we can set up some sort of meeting.  I’ll be the one wearing the purple dahlia in my boutonnière.


Remix Monday: Sucker Punch Winners Posted by: Nate in Electronic, Remix Monday

It’s been a long time coming, but after numerous delays it’s finally here! The first of the newly revieved remix monday’s tasked you all with remixing Gtronic’s Sucker Punch and remix you did! In total I listened to 47 remixes from many different genres. It was honestly hard to pick the top 3. So many of them were neck and neck that I had to listen to them over and over again. Here are my decisions.

My overall top pick for the Sucker Punch Remix Monday is.. Thrusher! I was actually not impressed with this remix the first time I listened to it. Then I listened to it over and really picked up on each little change. Yes, it is very Skrillex like, so If you’re a fan of you’ll love this remix. But even if you aren’t a fan (like myself) you’ll still end up loving it after a few listens.

Gtronic – Sucker Punch (Thrusher Remix) (320 kbps)

Second place goes to Arcade Velocity! I loved this remix for a number of reasons, the 8-bit style, the relative simplicity, but the main reason is definitely the “Falcon Punch” sample from F-Zero that’s right before the drops. I will play this out just to hear that sample.

Gtronic – Sucker Punch (Arcade Velocity Remix) (320 kbps)

It’s hard to make a track like Sucker Punch even harder than it already is without seriously endangering the lives of those around you when playing it, but somehow Sgt. Filthenstien grabbed the 3rd place spot and managed to take it to 11 all at the same time. No word yet on wether or not this will kill people, so be careful.

Sucker Punch (Sgt. Filthenstien’s Military Issued Remix) (320 kbps)

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Remix Monday: Gtronic – Sucker Punch Posted by: Nate in Remix Monday

Welcome back to Remix Monday! As I mentioned yesterday it’ll be back in a very limited fashion from now on, basically when everyone starts getting restless and feels like it’s time for another one. This time you’ll be remixing one of my favorite rawer tracks, Sucker Punch by Gtronic. He broke on the scene in late 2009 with his track Iron Man (still a big track) and once he was signed to Dim Mak all bets were off.

Download the remix parts here: Gtronic – Sucker Punch (Remix Parts) (168mb, Zip)

and here’s the original incase you forgot.

Gtronic – Sucker Punch (320 kbps)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Just a few things to remember:

1. The remix deadline will be in three weeks on Sunday February 13th at 8pm EST.

2. Please make all your remixes public and submit them to this SoundCloud group.

Remix Monday Group
Doing this will enable everyone to go through at the end and judge all the remixes for themselves.

3. I’ll pick the three best remixes and post them. I’m trying to work out prizes for next time, but for this one you’ll just have to do it for honor and pride.

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Remix Monday #3 Posted by: Nate in Dubstep, Electronic, Remix Monday

Welcome back again to Remix Monday! This week everyone was tasked with remixing Swedish House Mafia’s Leave The World Behind and I’ve picked the best of the best remixes below.

Being that this is a massive House track I was more than a little surprised to hear this amazing dubstep remix come in. I may be a little biased towards dubstep after listening to Udachi’s Guest Mix last week, but you just can’t ignore how good this is.

Swedish House Mafia & Laidback Luke – Leave The World Behind (Vonka Remix) (320 kbps)

This next remix is another one that stood out for me because of the change to the melody. It’s a bit different, but it just sounds right.

Swedish House Mafia & Laidback Luke – Leave The World Behind (Zaturn Remix) (320 kbps)

And here’s one more remixy By Captured By Kings that I was really digging.

Swedish House Mafia – Leave The World Behind (Captured By Kings Remix) (192 kbps)

If you want to listen to more of the remixes just head over to Remixmonday.com

Now as you know I’ve created Remixmonday.com for submitting tracks, but some people have experenced problems uploading on there, so you won’t be required to upload your track on remixmonday.com for it to be entered. Sending them to my SoundCloud or email will still work. Remixmonday.com will be more of a place for everyone to see your finished work and for people to vote on your track (my top picks aren’t based on how many votes you get).

With that said, this week you’ll be remixing… Beastie Boys – Sabotage! I thought I’d see how you all could handle a remixing a song that wasn’t straight electro or house. Grab the stems below and get to work!

Beastie Boys – Sabotage Stems (Zip 34mb)

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Remix Monday #2 Posted by: Nate in Electronic, Remix Monday

It was super hard choosing a winner for the first Remix Monday. In all I received 31 remixes which all had very unique character. I’d like to thank everyone who entered over the past two weeks. I really didn’t think this would be a big a hit as it’s been, but I’m glad it’s had a strong start.

So without further ado, taking the crown in the first Remix Monday is PatrickAwesome! Out of all the remixes, this one is my favorite in terms of what he did with the vocals.

Ocelot – Our Time (PatrickAwesome Remix) by PatrickAwesome

A few honorable mentions:

Barletta decided to do a nice great remix for the comp!

Ocelot – Our Time (barletta remix) by Djbarletta


Despite the use of Justice drums, I also enjoyed Kugli’s remix.

Ocelot – Our Time (Kugli Remix) by Kugli


and last but not least, is this remix by Chemikal Recipe. They were one of the only ones to take the track away slightly from the electro house vibe with some UK Garage.

Ocelot – Our Time (Chemikal Recipe Remix) (320 kbps)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

For next week you’ll be remixing be remixing one of my favorite tunes last year… Leave The World Behind!. The stems are below in the zip file along with an instrumental version. Same deal as last time, but try to get your remixes in before 10pm EST on Sunday.

Swedish House Mafia & Laidback Luke – Leave The World Behind Stems (74mb zip)

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