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It’s late. I still have a lot of reading to do, but this guy/group is too good not share. Apologies if I’m late to this party. Take some time and go through his/their whole library it’s pretty fantastic. Also here is a fun cheesy video for one of his/their songs “Le Perv” WARNING: NSFW. Enjoy.

Carpenter Brut – Disco Zombi I✝alia

Carpenter Brut – 347 Midnigh✝ Demons

Carpenter Brut – The Good Old Call (fea✝. Franky Cadillac)

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Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries feat. Kid Sister – Cool Without You (Audien Remix) Posted by: hendrick in Electronic, House, Rock

Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries feat. Kid Sister – Cool Without You (Audien Remix)(clip)

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Viceroy – While We’re in Love (Feat. Ghost Beach) Posted by: hendrick in Disco, House, Rock

I gotta go take a nap real quick. You guys should listen to this while Im doing that. Enjoy.

Viceroy – While We’re in Love (Feat. Ghost Beach)

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Saw GWAR last night.  So, I’m plenty inspired to post about fucking dance music—

They executed a priest, Hitler, human Jesus, cyborg Jesus and ma boy B-Rak Obama.  Shit is fucking hardcore.   So fittingly, here’s RAC’s remix of Bonafied Lovin’:


This is more fitting maybe—time of year and everything. Check this guy out. He’s still pretty small and then later you can say you knew about him first which is the dream, isn’t it? Lot’s of Kavinsky/Danger influences in there. Real Hank style: Moody.

And his remix of Giorgio Moroder’s Chase:

This is a fun tempo changer or if you like D’n'B it’s a fun track in general. It starts and ends at the same bpm so DJs have fun and don’t worry about having to find another D’n'B track that drops back into the familiar.

Torro Torro Remix – Go Deep (KillaGraham DnB Edit) (320 kbps)

olddie but a goodie

DJ Denise & Loryn – Whipper Snipper (Z-Listers Remix) (clip)

Zemaria – Past 2 (Pyramid Remix)

Janski Beats – Un Avenir Tout Tracé (WAEK Remix)

Muneshine – There is only today (Go Go Bizkitt! Disco Edit) (320 kbps)

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