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New track from Ghastly! Open The Gates is some moody dubstep from another young buck producer on the up and up.  Not normally a huge dubstep fan, but this guy moves around genres and experiments with all sorts of stuff and I’m always a fan of a risk taker.  He’s got a background in metal which makes the transition to dance music kind of a no-brainer.  Honestly.  There is so much overlap.  Metal is being co-opted and appropriated into dance tracks almost everywhere you look.  It is seminal to every banger you’ve ever heard.  Think Justice, Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT.  They all have metal and fast rock to thank.   In that same vein, Ghastly! brings his background and puts it to use in his own fashion.  Check it out.


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Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love is All I Got Posted by: Paul in Electronic, Other, Rock, Synthy Bliss

Feed Me joining forces with Crystal Fighters for some cartooney electro mayhem.

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Dreams Posted by: Cliff in Electronic, Rock

Probably the best remix of Dreams I’ve heard.  Gigamesh doesn’t disappoint too often. Hey, remember that time when I sent a bunch of you to see him? That was nice of me. Dreams is always a crowd pleaser and well, it’s a fuckin’ jam.  Stevie Nicks, get at me!


Villa Posted by: Cliff in Electronic, House, Rock

Found this.  Thought I’d share.  Nice of me, right?  I don’t know what you’d call this  (I really hate categorizing shit into genres) but I like the airy vocals and it’s got some real nice sounds and big drums.

Other things going on:  Breakbot’s By Your Side dropped officially if you haven’t had it for awhile already.  Honestly, the strongest songs were released already, but I don’t mean to take away from it.  It’s a good album and you should get it.  What are your thoughts?  Also, Weeds ended last night.  Kinda dug the weird ending.  Anyone catch it?  C’est ça.


Two Door Cinema Club Posted by: Cliff in Electronic, Rock

It’s good.

Okay.  Here’s the deal.  Going to keep posting, but the intervals will inevitably be irregular.  I really wasn’t bailing as a result of haters or trolls.  Bunch of ingrates.  I just don’t have the time to do it when I don’t get paid to do it.  And someone else does— Conversely, it is because of the people who want the blog to live on and who said kind and encouraging things that I’ll keep trying to do it as often as I can fit time in for.   Thank you all, by the way.  You’re the goddamned best.  If you ever somehow run into me in, like, real life, I’ll buy you a beer.  Seriously.  If you live in Albuquerque, (sorry) I’ll be at Digitalism tonight if you want to test this out.  Beers for all of you.  I’m wearing a grey Glassjaw shirt with a green diamond in the middle at the moment and can’t imagine I’ll change unless I get really sloppy with my lunch.  And then still I won’t change, it just might have mustard on it or something. So, just in case—find me.  So, that’s what’s going to happen as of now.  Suggestion based posts are definitely something I’m considering to keep the posts more consistent, so we’ll talk more about that later.  Still no word from the CEO and the rest of the building is vacant.  It’s just me sitting here at my desk in the abandoned office, where papers are strewn and detached cables lie useless while florescent lights flicker and blinds are disheveled from the people who evacuated through the windows.  You know the platitudinous scene I’m talking about.  And it’s just me.  And you.  And the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Kidding.  Never use that many exclamation points.

Wotjek, Conner, Paul, curv4k, Wilson, Sam, Hugo, Eddie, Ruadhan:  many thanks.



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